StorEdge™ - Maximize Self-consumption

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  • StorEdge™ allows homeowners to maximize self-consumption and enables energy independence
  • Single DC optimized inverter for battery management and on-grid PV
  • Compatible with Tesla battery
  • Existing SolarEdge systems can be upgraded with the StorEdge™ solution
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Battery Pack

  • Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

  • 7kWh, ideal for maximizing self-consumption

  • High-voltage, high-efficiency DC coupled battery

StorEdge Interface

  • Allows to connect the Tesla Powerwall Home
    Battery to a SolarEdge inverter
  • Simple installation and connection to the
    battery and the SolarEdge meter
  • Can be used to upgrade existing SolarEdge systems
  • Designed to eliminate high DC voltage and current
    during installation, maintenance or firefighting


  • High accuracy meter readings

  • Production / consumption readings for
    feed-in limitation and battery integration

Consumption Monitoring

  • Monitoring the electricity meter allows accurate information on home load,
    PV production and self-consumption
  • Homeowners can reduce grid electricity consumption by increasing self-consumption

Feed-in Limitation

  • Larger installations and increased self-consumption are enabled by feed-in limitation according
    to requirements of grid operators
  • Integrated into the inverter – install only an energy meter
  • Fast response time - power does not exceed the limit even with rapid changes in load
    consumption and PV production
  • Failsafe operation
Feed-in Limitation Flyer

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